Why am I the mediator for ESA and UC?

Having phoned ESA a couple of days ago, today I phoned UC to tell them that ESA had told me that they needed to send a form to ESA to say that I'm now in receipt of UC. ESA kindly keep paying me until they get said form, so that I'm not left without any … Continue reading Why am I the mediator for ESA and UC?


ESA and UC aren’t talking

Phoning ESA again. It has a long spiel followed by 'please press 1 to continue'. Why not just carry on without having to press 1? After more spiel, there is an explanation about it being the wrong number for Universal Credit. Then it tells you, twice, that you need to state what benefit you are … Continue reading ESA and UC aren’t talking

Universal Credit and ESA transfer

I started my claim for UC on 16th July. I told ESA on the same day, or possibly a day or two before, that I had moved house, no longer had any savings and was putting in a claim for Universal Credit. On 10th July I had received an ESA payment as per usual. I … Continue reading Universal Credit and ESA transfer

Universal Credit standard shenanigans

After getting a letter from ESA last week, this week I logged on to my UC journal and found that I had - at last - got an award breakdown. I'm on the basic rate, less than £75/week, and I had over £100 taken off the month's payment because of my earnings. As an added … Continue reading Universal Credit standard shenanigans

What they don’t tell you about council tax

Applying for council tax support is nearly as much hassle as Universal Credit. They too want my most recent bank statements, and they want proof that my lodger is a student. They too would quite like to see all of this in person. The problem arises when they ask for evidence of my Universal Credit … Continue reading What they don’t tell you about council tax

What they don’t tell you about the JobCentre

Yesterday I had three (!) JobCentre meetings. • One to show my housing details – the one that in my last blog I’d had to ask my housing association to specifically write and post to me a letter for; • One because I’d entered into the system that I do some self-employed work, and they … Continue reading What they don’t tell you about the JobCentre

What they don’t tell you about (applying for) Universal Credit

I didn’t know when I applied for Universal Credit that they would require three meetings to be arranged within that week, let alone why. If I had, I might have waited a couple more days to get the things I needed. I had to have proof of my identity, proof of my bank account and … Continue reading What they don’t tell you about (applying for) Universal Credit

Yes, you are my keeper

The role of friends in disabled people's social isolation When Cain asked God if he, Cain, was his brother’s keeper, he meant it rhetorically. He certainly didn’t expect a response in the affirmative. But the answer was yes. It is yes. I’m trying to live independently of my parents. People from a range of  relationships … Continue reading Yes, you are my keeper

I’m not an orchid, I’m a weed

One of the DWP's major concerns is that people assessed as unfit for work then wrongly believe that they are unfit for work, because that is what they have been told. If only the assessments told us we were fit for work, we'd go out to work and get better. Presumably it's the same with … Continue reading I’m not an orchid, I’m a weed

Back in the benefits cycle

I got a brown envelope today, except it was white. The 'Personal Independence Payment' just showing in the address window gave the game away. I've been expecting a brown envelope since 24th October, when I was told my PIP was being reassessed (51 weeks after being given a two year award). I got two brown … Continue reading Back in the benefits cycle