Yes, you are my keeper

The role of friends in disabled people's social isolation When Cain asked God if he, Cain, was his brother’s keeper, he meant it rhetorically. He certainly didn’t expect a response in the affirmative. But the answer was yes. It is yes. I’m trying to live independently of my parents. People from a range of  relationships … Continue reading Yes, you are my keeper


I’m not an orchid, I’m a weed

One of the DWP's major concerns is that people assessed as unfit for work then wrongly believe that they are unfit for work, because that is what they have been told. If only the assessments told us we were fit for work, we'd go out to work and get better. Presumably it's the same with … Continue reading I’m not an orchid, I’m a weed

Back in the benefits cycle

I got a brown envelope today, except it was white. The 'Personal Independence Payment' just showing in the address window gave the game away. I've been expecting a brown envelope since 24th October, when I was told my PIP was being reassessed (51 weeks after being given a two year award). I got two brown … Continue reading Back in the benefits cycle