Beveridge Principles

When Sir William Beveridge wrote his report on social insurance he identified five giant evils: squalor, ignorance,  want, idleness and disease. Squalor, disease and want were all inter-linked. Squalor meant circumstances where disease was rife and often untreated. Want was both created by and a sustainer of disease: want was at times a result of … Continue reading Beveridge Principles


A week of poverty statistics

It seems to be a week of poverty. Median income is below its level in 2009-10. Work isn’t a route out of poverty. Being in full-time work should mean not being in poverty. Yet the majority of those in poverty are in work. This is not relative poverty but absolute poverty - “severe deprivation of … Continue reading A week of poverty statistics

The reality of benefit cuts is shocking

When I first started on disability research, I just saw the numbers. I saw that 40% of ESA claimants told they are fit to work then appeal that decision, and most of them win. I saw that nurses under-award points for people with physical health conditions, and physiotherapists under-award points for people with mental health … Continue reading The reality of benefit cuts is shocking

Shoukld disabled people be euthanased?

Disabled children should be euthanased, according to Cllr Colin Brewer. According to Baroness Warnock, disabled adults should be euthanased. In both cases this is based on the cost to society. Cllr Brewer suggested in an interview with the Disabled News Service that some disabled babies should be euthanased to save the costs of their high … Continue reading Shoukld disabled people be euthanased?

Benefits and the Budget

George Osborne has decided that benefits will be up-rated at 1% for the next three years.  Previously, they would have been uprated in line with the CPI.  This is itself a Coalition-introduced decrease from uprating in line with the RPI. Uprating in line with the CPI has no merit or justification, other than that it … Continue reading Benefits and the Budget

David Cameron: How we can make life better for disabled people

This is a speech made by David Cameron in 2009. “If you or someone you love suffers from a disability, life is going to be hard a lot of the time. But I do believe there are moments of despair, helplessness and frustration that could be directly alleviated by the work of government… The first … Continue reading David Cameron: How we can make life better for disabled people

Does the public really support welfare reform?

Welfare Reform has Public on its Side So says one of today’s Telegraph headlines.[1]  Against a back-drop of criticisms from the Government’s advisors, many charities, lobbyists and pressure groups, and the new Cabinet Secretary, come the results from the latest British Social Attitudes survey.[2] As reported by the Telegraph, 72% of the public believe the … Continue reading Does the public really support welfare reform?