How is PIP expenditure high, when disabled people are struggling?

The Office for Budget Responsibility has recently reported that spending on PIP, the Tory's new extra-costs disability, was 20% higher than was expected if the previous benefit had been retained, instead of 20% lower as was the government's desire. The OBR had a number of reasons for this. One was the lack of data to … Continue reading How is PIP expenditure high, when disabled people are struggling?

UC budgeting nightmares

I logged in to my UC journal today to see where DWP-UC is up to with paying me the right amount of money. They've made one correction - they're no longer taking ESA repayments off me, which I had already repaid. They then also went and changed ALL of my past UC payment notices. They … Continue reading UC budgeting nightmares

PIP appeal – overprepared fraud?

I had a PIP appeal today. I've been waiting for it for ten months. I don't think it went well. There are some points in my favour: the panel repeatedly referred to the fact that I have learnt to manage my condition through careful planning and pacing, and that I can't manage more than I … Continue reading PIP appeal – overprepared fraud?

Some good news – I think

I've received some good news. My UC journal today had an letter added to it saying that they have decided that I have limited capability for work and work-related activity. What I don't know is whether this refers to the fact that I should have been treated as such since the start of my UC … Continue reading Some good news – I think

The Tories have messed up my council tax

Naturally, when I've just got in from visiting my church's office to ask for help because I can't manage without paying someone to do household chores and I don't have the money to pay, want I really want to do when I get in is try to decipher what's going on with my council tax … Continue reading The Tories have messed up my council tax

Why am I the mediator for ESA and UC?

Having phoned ESA a couple of days ago, today I phoned UC to tell them that ESA had told me that they needed to send a form to ESA to say that I'm now in receipt of UC. ESA kindly keep paying me until they get said form, so that I'm not left without any … Continue reading Why am I the mediator for ESA and UC?

ESA and UC aren’t talking

Phoning ESA again. It has a long spiel followed by 'please press 1 to continue'. Why not just carry on without having to press 1? After more spiel, there is an explanation about it being the wrong number for Universal Credit. Then it tells you, twice, that you need to state what benefit you are … Continue reading ESA and UC aren’t talking

Universal Credit and ESA transfer

I started my claim for UC on 16th July. I told ESA on the same day, or possibly a day or two before, that I had moved house, no longer had any savings and was putting in a claim for Universal Credit. On 10th July I had received an ESA payment as per usual. I … Continue reading Universal Credit and ESA transfer

Universal Credit and Support for Mortgage Interest loan

I've received from Universal Credit a form that I am supposed to complete and send to my mortgage lender so that I can get a Support for Mortgage Interest loan. SMI used to be a benefit, but the government recently changed it into a loan, repayable when the property is sold. The change has been … Continue reading Universal Credit and Support for Mortgage Interest loan