Benefit Fraud Hotline

Today the government launched its most recent benefit fraud campaign. They’ve had these before and it’s unclear what effect they had. Did they result in more calls to the benefit fraud hotline? Does more calls mean more detection of fraud, or more unnecessary fraud investigations? Fraud is a crime, let’s not forget that. Like tax … Continue reading Benefit Fraud Hotline


Do people leave sickness benefits ‘rather than’ face an assessment?

I received a request to write about the 878 300 people who drop their ESA claims early.  The government’s line – repeated several times – is that these claims were fraudulent or cheats.  This topic has been covered multiple times by now.  Declan Gaffney produced an excellent report on this, which can be found here: … Continue reading Do people leave sickness benefits ‘rather than’ face an assessment?

Disabled man is not a fraud

Yesterday, the Daily Mail ran the astounding story that a disabled man qualified for the benefits he received.  Their surprise was great – this was a man who was a magistrate, taught salsa dancing and had taken part in a TV show involving extreme sport.  Clearly, there was no possible explanation compatible with this man … Continue reading Disabled man is not a fraud