How successful is the Work Programme?

Compared to previous programmes, the Work Programme is not helping more people into work or keeping them in work longer. As we move into more favourable economic conditions the WP should improve, but comparisons to previous programmes (that operated under unfavourable conditions) would then become invalid. Improvements that reflect the economic environment would not be … Continue reading How successful is the Work Programme?


Who pays to employ sick people?

Many people are disabled because they are chronically sick.  These people cannot turn up to work regularly, because any given day they may be too ill.  They might be dosed up on painkillers to control their pain; they might be too weak to get out of bed; they might be too exhausted to concentrate; their … Continue reading Who pays to employ sick people?

Benefit sanctions

Jobcentre staff are being set targets for sanctioning claimants, and are encouraged to employ methods that are more likely to result in sanctionable behaviour.  That’s the news coming out that many who work on behalf of social security recipients will not be surprised to read.  Normally it is pleasing to be confirmed in one’s suspicions … Continue reading Benefit sanctions

Disability’s Not Working

The government has plans to further sanction long-term sick or disabled people if they deem these people to not be working hard enough.  There are already sanctions if these people do not attend all of their ‘work focussed interviews’ or fail to satisfy ‘work-related activity’ requirements.  The government is extending this ‘work-related activity’ to include … Continue reading Disability’s Not Working