How is PIP expenditure high, when disabled people are struggling?

The Office for Budget Responsibility has recently reported that spending on PIP, the Tory's new extra-costs disability, was 20% higher than was expected if the previous benefit had been retained, instead of 20% lower as was the government's desire. The OBR had a number of reasons for this. One was the lack of data to … Continue reading How is PIP expenditure high, when disabled people are struggling?


Consequences of cuts 2010-2018

I wanted to find data on the consequences of Conservative cuts since 2010, in the hope that I might remember some of them to use in discussion with Conservative-leaning friends. A pdf version is available here. The UK has experienced the worst economic recovery on record, even worse than that after the Great Depression. The … Continue reading Consequences of cuts 2010-2018

PIP appeal – overprepared fraud?

I had a PIP appeal today. I've been waiting for it for ten months. I don't think it went well. There are some points in my favour: the panel repeatedly referred to the fact that I have learnt to manage my condition through careful planning and pacing, and that I can't manage more than I … Continue reading PIP appeal – overprepared fraud?

Money matters

DWP-UC has apparently now told DWP-ESA to stop paying me. I have received, in three separate envelopes that arrived on the same day, a letter saying that my ESA has ended, a second saying that contributory ESA is taxable (not that I ever received cESA), and a third that was my P45 from HMRC. I … Continue reading Money matters

What they don’t tell you about council tax

Applying for council tax support is nearly as much hassle as Universal Credit. They too want my most recent bank statements, and they want proof that my lodger is a student. They too would quite like to see all of this in person. The problem arises when they ask for evidence of my Universal Credit … Continue reading What they don’t tell you about council tax

Governments have no right to be ignorant

The government still doesn’t know what its talking about. But this time it’s almost seven years on from when it gained power, and its politicians no longer have the right to plead ignorance. They do not have the right to remain ignorant on matters of great importance over which they hold the power. A spokesperson … Continue reading Governments have no right to be ignorant

Atos and the Paralympics

A few days ago James Max wrote an article about Atos and the Paralympics.  Many disabled people and their supporters have been upset by the government’s permission for Atos to sponsor the Paralympics.  James Max argues that it is completely acceptable for Atos to be a sponsor.  He says that if you don’t like it, … Continue reading Atos and the Paralympics